Female Furry Farting and Kink - Mobile Friendly

"Maybe I shouldn't have had that burrito..."

A collection of Furry EFRO: furry farting, scat, burping, gluttony, and other gross stuff. NSFW!

Female Furry Farting Pack Stats:

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-Over 100 Images,
-36 Animations, gifs, and 3D videos,
-18 Multi Page Sequences,
-Stories, Fursuit Content, and guest art.
-Mobile Friendly, no download required.
-Automatically Updates with new content


A heavy collection on the topic of hungry animal ladies having their fill of not so nutritious foods and the consequences that follow. Pizza, lasagna, chili, ice cream, and nachos can make an upset tummy so bloated and full~ Trying to hold it in just makes it rumble and groan worse. Swollen belly riding up tight shirts to try and store that food baby, surely it can't grow forever... right?

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